Boredom and Architecture

Boredom and Creativity: Lecture at the Henry van de Velde Research Group, Antwerp


The Joker’s Boredom: Thomas Mann

But the days went by, and they turned into weeks and months – was I bored? I will concede that one does not always have a book that will yield hour after hour of memorable experience; moreover one’s attempts to improvise at the piano have at times been complete failures, and one has sat by the window, smoking cigarettes, while gradually and irresistibly a feeling of distaste creeps over one, distaste for oneself and for everything else.

Mann, Thomas. ‘The Joker’ in Death in Venice. Translated by David Luke. London: Vintage Books, 1897/1998. 44-45.

Joie de Vivre in Modern Architecture: Lecture at CAFA, Beijing


Paraphrasing Charles Jencks, How Big Is Bad? Plataforma Gubernamental, Quito, Ecuador


Plataforma Gubernamental, Quito, Ecuador. 20 October 2017. Photograph by Christian Parreno.

Robert Pirsig: Boredom and History

‘Boredom always precedes a period of great creativity’.

Robert Pirsig, quoted in Paul Kennedy, ‘The Motorcycle Is Yourself’, CBC (2015).