Practices of Transgression: Urban Exploration | UrbEx

by Christian Parreno

For too many people, urban living consists of mindless travel between work, shopping and home, obvious to the countless wonders a city offers. Most people think the only worth looking at in our cities and towns are those safe and sanitized attractions that require an admission fee. […] Rather than passively consuming entertainment, urban explorers strive to actively create authentic experiences, by making discoveries that allow them to participate in the secret workings of cities and structures, and to appreciate fantastic, obscure spaces that might otherwise go completely neglected.


While it’s true that danger isn’t the ultimate evil, this hobby [UrbEx] isn’t about the quest for danger so much as a willingness to accept certain levels of danger in the course of the quest to discover and document forgotten or neglected realms. You know, like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft, but without the stealing.

Ninjalicious (2005) Access all Areas. Toronto – Canada: Infilpress