Boredom is a Political Threshold

by Christian Parreno

The project is not to give the future an image or to reduce it to an image. As such, what must be taken up is boredom as a ‘threshold’. A threshold is of course as much a line or division as it is the site allowing for equivocation – hence it functions as the locus of ambivalence, par excellence. What this means is that the crossing of a threshold – a crossing in which futurity is introduced as made possible by the present’s potentiality – has to be thought beyond a conception of the future that is already pictured. An already present picture would mean that the future had already been given in advance by its conflation with a pre-existing and thus already identifiable image. (There is an important connection here between the possibility of politics – the political as the winning of the future – and a type of iconoclasm.)

Benjamin, Andrew (2005) ‘Boredom and Distraction: The Moods of Modernity’ in Walter Benjamin and History. Edited by Andrew Benjamin. London – UK:  Continuum. 165