Boring Architecture: Sylvia Lavin’s Lying Fallow

by Christian Parreno

When Peter Zumthor’s proposed building for LACMA, Jürgen Mayer’s Metropol Parasol, SANAA’s Serpentine Pavilion, and virtually every first-year design student project have exactly the same parti, discrimination seems futile and repetition and replication are revealed as the rule. It may well be a good thing overall that one effect of replication is to reinforce social cohesion, but it does not produce interest, and architecture without interest cannot rise to the occasion of being a paradigm for systems of thought internally or for other fields. That is why today, architecture, as such and as a whole, despite and maybe even because of the interest of particular individual buildings and the goodness of everybody’s intentions, is, well, boring.

Lavin, Sylvia (2013) ‘Lying Fallow’ in Log. Vol. 29

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