Boredom and Architecture

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Boredom and Creativity: Lecture at the Henry van de Velde Research Group, Antwerp


Joie de Vivre in Modern Architecture: Lecture at CAFA, Beijing


Paraphrasing Charles Jencks, How Big Is Bad? Plataforma Gubernamental, Quito, Ecuador


Plataforma Gubernamental, Quito, Ecuador. 20 October 2017. Photograph by Christian Parreno.

Early Occupancy: The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Hong Kong



The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong. Zaha Hadid Architects. 28 November 2016. Photographs by Christian Parreno

Structures of Resting and Waiting: Porters in Nineteenth-Century London


Piccadilly, London. 3 August 2016. Photograph by Christian Parreno

‘At the suggestion of RA Slaney Esq who for 20 years represented Shrewsbury in Parliament, this porters rest was erected in 1861 by the vestry of St George Hanover Square for the benefit of porters and others carrying burden as a relic of a past period in London’s history. It is hoped that the the people will aid its preservation’.