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Oklahoma, 1961: Boredom at Work

Oklahoma State Department of Health (1961) Boredom at Work: The Empty Life. USA. International Film Bureau

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Lord Byron’s Bores and Bored

Our ridicules are kept in the back-ground –
Ridiculous enough, but also dull;
Professions too are no more to be found
Professional; and there is nought to cull
Of folly’s fruit: for, though your fools abound,
They’re barren and not worth the pains to pull.
Society is now one polish’d horde,
Form’d of two mighty tribes, the Bores and Bored.

Byron, George Gordon (1986/1819-24) The Complete Poetical Works. Edited by Jerome J. McGann. Oxford – UK: Clarendon Books.

Distancing Boredom: Houses Keep Apart


To whom should one give
a drop of indolent
humanity’s weeping?

A life’s mercy

Houses keep apart
not to disturb me

Thread of moist heat at the neck

of sauntering odalisques with parasol

How immovable is the air

The litany of numbers on closed doors
that I follow to accompany me

This night too will pass

This gadding life
Faltering shadow of trolley car wires
on the dank asphalt

I gaze at moon-faces of hack drivers wavering

Sleep comes
so cautiously
for a moment to take me away

Ungaretti, Giuseppi (1961) ‘Boredom’ in The Transatlantic Review , No. 7. New York – USA: Joseph F. McCrindle Foundation. 13-14


Spring Spleen: Lydia Davis

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Building stories

By Chris Ware